Porsche 356GT Parts and Accessories Listing

Part #




Retail Price US $

356GT-D5L Coupe 5 Louver Deck Lid (Aluminum Skin) $795.00
356GT-D6L Coupe 6 Louver Deck Lid (Aluminum Skin) $845.00
356GT-D5LS/R Speedster/Roadster 5 Louver Deck Lid (Aluminum Skin) $890.00
356GT-D6LS/R Speedster/Roadster 6 Louver Deck Lid (Aluminum Skin) $925.00
356GT-T6A6L 'C' Coupe Aluminum Deck Lid Skin $1250.00
356GT-Install Install Aluminum Skin - Powder Coat Frame $375.00
356GT-CS Louver Steel Deck Lid - Coupe
356GT-SS Louver Steel Deck Lid - Speedster/Roadster
356GT-DLS Deck Lid Screen with Hardware $235.00
356GT-DLSI Deck Lid Screen Installation (cut hole in rain tray and install screen) $195.00
356GT-TONN Aluminum Tonneau with Fairing P.O.R.*
356GT-WIND Speedster/Roadster Full Windscreen $900.00
356GT-GL Plexiglass Windows - all years P.O.R.*
356GT-HARD Windscreen Mounting Hardware $30.00
356GT-GCAP 4 Hole Fin Installed to (Customer Supplied Cap) $125.00
New Gas Cap Complete with 4 Hole Fin
356GT-FN Gas Filler Neck and Rain Tray $435.00
356GT-RT Rain Tray only $315.00
356GT-FNO 4'' Neck only with Receiver $150.00
356GT-RB/1 GT Roll-Bar (only) $615.00
356GT-RB/2 GT Roll-Bar with Stub Ends $705.00
356GT-RB/ins GT Roll-Bar Installation Only $1250.00
356GT-LHM GT Mirror Housing Left Fender - Aluminum $295.00
GT Mirror Housing Right Fender - Aluminum
356GT-MIR GT Fender Mirror $70.00
356GT-B/PLAT GT Style Backing Plate Conversion with Installed Scoops and Screens per Set on Customer Supplied Plates $355.00 per plate
Powder Coat GT Backing Plates
356GT-OTSCR GT Style Oil Tank Screen with Mounting Bracket $395.00
550-LHM 550 Spyder Mirror Housing - Aluminum $325.00
550 Spyder Oval Mirror
550-GTSTR Gas Tank Straps with Hardware for Spyder $435.00
550-OT Oil Tank
356GT-HS Leather Hood Straps $290.00/pr
356GT-TH 'A' Front Tow Hooks $60.00/pr
356GT-THMP Tow Hook Mounting Plates $30.00/pr
911R-FN 12" Neck only with Receiver $175.00
911R-RGF 911R Gas Cap Fin - Aluminum
911R-RT 911R Rain Tray w/ Hose
904-GCAP 904 Style Hollow Fin Cap Installed on Customer Supplied Cap $275.00
356GT-1/8SP 1/8'' Wheel Spacer $24.00
356GT-1/4SP 1/4'' Wheel Spacer $38.00
356GT-3/8SP 3/8" Wheel Spacer $42.00
356GT-1/2SP 1/2'' Wheel Spacer $56.00
356GT-3/4SP 3/4'' Wheel Spacer $91.00
356GT-1SP 1" Wheel Spacer P.O.R.*
356GT-XXST Long Wheel Studs: 72, 65, 57, 52 mm available
Please Specify Length in Part Number (XX)
356GT-PS G.P.E. Performance Shocks P.O.R.*
356GT-BD GT Bumper Deco - Prepolished - 7 foot piece $75.00/ea.
356GT-BD8 GT Bumper Deco - Prepolished - 8 foot piece $100.00/ea.
356GT-DB Bumper Deco T-Bolts $30.00/set
356GT-LS Leather Window Strap with Button & Hardware $100.00
356 Carrera GT Tank - Replica with FIA Bladder
356 GT Tank Straps w/ Mounting Plate

Prices are current as of 9/1/17.  All prices are subject to change.

*Price On Request